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Submitted by joebhed on
Of course there are very good and bad examples of state banking efforts. And, of course, we're not talking like the Bank of North Dakota, one good example. More like the Bank of the United States. The United States Bank. As a means for providing a much-needed modicum of stability to international 'finance', it could do the job. But the too-heavy-to-weigh gorilla in the room that must remain on the sideline while we deal with our evolving emergency in the world's money system is not state banking but state money. And so, in favor of state money, may I bring to your attention the work of renowned Japanese economist Dr. Kaoru Yamaguchi. In a most timely work presented only last July, Dr. Yamaguchi has done extensive macro-economic modeling of a change to a public money system, where money is issued without debt directly into the economy. The results of the transition to a debt-free money system are measured in achieving economic growth without inflation or deflation. While, over time, paying off the national debt. Also, very fortunately, Congressman Dennis Kucinich has introduced legislation to achieve just such a result. So, you might want to think about spreading that out over the globe as a means of achieving real financial stability. It's better than having states of any kind in competition with private finance. Let the government create the nation's money, like it should. And let the bankers get back to banking. Thanks.