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You brought up a very important point about the issue that the aid is being provided to the countries in order to develop these businesses which stabilize the economy is not doing its job. This of course is true, that the aid money given to these countries can help build a sustainable economy with jobs and such. But where is is all going? If it was put where its meant to be put, we would see a change in the countries. But we don't, I guess its just another case of the leaders in control of the countries stealing this money and putting it in swiss banks. Well I think this is completely America's fault. We want to help these countries, well lets open our eyes. People are greedy, we know these leaders will steal the money but give it anyway. A better way for us go about this, is providing a secretary of businesses within each of the countries we fund. That way we make sure no money is stolen and we got actually economist putting the money where it should go. All these "plans" we have aren't working, we need to really improvise, or our money is just wasted. I may be only learning about politics, but I still think that reading this, gave me better ideas then our leaders would. Sincerely, Bishoi Nassef