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Submitted by Nachiket Mor on
Dear Dr. Demirguc-Kunt and Dr. Klapper, This is wonderful database. I am sure that it will propel national governments to do more in this regard. I am also hoping that it will spur more research on the related question of optimal financial systems design for financial inclusion. I have the anxiety that the 'Might Oaks" model that we have in India in which each of the few banks that we have is required to have roots that reach deep into the economy is not serving us adequately in this regard. However at the other extreme, the US model of having thousands of financial services players (banks and non-banks) is perhaps producing a level of fragmentation and "marketization" that is perhaps not desirable either. I am hoping that this database will allow researchers to ask sharper design questions that can serve as a guide to policy makers. If there is already such research available I would be grateful if you could share the relevant references with me. Sincerely, Nachiket Mor