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Submitted by Syed Y Hassan on
Something to share something really interesting, though it is not directly related but indirectly it is -- to support the above mentioned study. While working on a study of Financial Crisis -- using ML -- I found a strong correlation between education & financial crisis. The countries where the education level was pretty low were affected the most by Financial Crisis. I am still unable to find out the reasons, since it was not my area of interest. One can think of it, that USA was affected by the crisis in 2008 onward, since having the significant education level. But the thing is the countries where education level is too low they were affected the most in a period of last 50 years. For instance, the countries of Africa. I agree with the point of Financial Education, but I guess if I've been aware of a low cost solution, why would I go for an expensive one. So in short, awareness of financial solutions is more important. But its a great effort. Syed Y Hassan