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Submitted by Abdullahi on

I am living in somalia and participating some assessment in somalia, I believe the rate of mobile penetration in somalia is higher than what report said. I beleive the mobile penetration level and mobile banking are more than 60% and 40%,respectively. In urban areas, we found out the penetration is more than 80%. Availabitity of cheap services, low cost mobile devices and mobile banking have contributed this high penetration rate. In ur which contribute high rate of mobile money transections. both mobile:
1. Becuase of insecurity in somalia, people prefer to have mobile phone for easy communication and to find out if there are any security problem exist where he/she is going to travel.
2. expension of telecommunication service in rural and outside big cities.
3. For security reason also people do not like to take cash money, since there is no good banking and financial system, the only easiest method is to use their mobile for easy transfer and paying bills.
4. Many somali immigrated outside country and the easist way to communicate is through telephone, this als contribute the high rate of mobile pentration.
5. Availability of Zaad services, Sahal and Emaal, have contributed higher penetration of mobile phone too.
6. Culture for trying new things and risk taking, since most of somali came from Nomadic culture they like to test new thing. Since they are living high risk enviroment, they are willing to take risk to find out what benefit they can get from new service.
7. easy reading and learning of somali writing is another factor. I had one case where an old man approach me to help and to see how much balance he got in his mobile zaad service.