Live Poll Results: Has executive compensation contributed to the financial crisis?


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Polling is now closed! In total, the debate received 189 votes, with 151 readers voting "yes" and 38 voting "no".

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February 04, 2012

Check the dominance of execs and mgmt millionaires amongst the entire spread of millionaires : actors and athletes don't even compete! Add in financial bread winners and 85% of us are truly losers in the slice of economic pie left over.

Dr. Sapovadia Vrajlal
February 16, 2012

It is high time to come out of slow growth or recession by reducing the cost of product and services. It could be said that not only EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION but also ADVERTISEMENT EXPENSES are cost without value addition. Why a person who buy soap pay cost because the company give million $ to a footballer or an actress who is brand ambassador of the soap company?