Moldova frequently experiences severe weather events such as storms, floods, extreme temperatures and droughts. And, due to climate change, it is projected that the country will face more extreme…

Daniel Werner Kull |

Moldova este frecvent ținta unor fenomene meteorologice adverse severe, cum ar fi furtunile, inundațiile, temperaturile extreme sau secetele.

Daniel Werner Kull |

A new online platform allows users to assess water demand from various sectors, harness it from every possible source, and plan its use judiciously across India.

Anju Gaur, Vinita Ranade |

Can the use of Big Data by financial institutions and alternative lenders lead to financial inclusion?

Pratibha Chhabra |

The World Bank recently co-organized Sierra Leone's first-ever Resilient Urban Mobility Hackathon, where talented youth came together together to tackle transport challenges through the use…

Fatima Arroyo Arroyo, Xavier Espinet, Dunstan Matekenya |

Una mayor capacidad del gobierno para brindar protección social significa que dónde y cómo trabaja una persona ya no es necesario que sea un obstáculo de jure o de facto para la cobertura.

Truman Packard |

إذا كان رأس المال البشري هو أهم الأصول التي يستثمر فيها الناس، فإن سوق العمل هو المكان الذي يمارس فيه الناس المخاطر سعيًا للحصول على عائد من هذا الاستثمار.

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