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Paul Zahra

President, CAPAM Board of Directors
Paul Zahra is Permanent Secretary (Policy), Malta and President of the CAPAM Board of Directors. Mr. Zahra joined the Malta Public Service in 1984 and served at the Economic Division within the Office of the Prime Minister. During 1989-1992, he was personal assistant to the Economic Secretary and Chief Economics Officer at the Ministry of Finance. In 1993 he was appointed Head of the Economic Policy Division and subsequently Director (Economic Strategy) and Director General (Economic Policy). Since 2001 Mr. Zahra discharged duties as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Economic Services and the Ministry of Finance. He is also the Chairman of the State Aid Monitoring Board. Mr Zahra was appointed Permanent Secretary (Policy), OPM in March 2006 and re-designated Permanent Secretary (Operations), OPM in June 2008.