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Many thanks for taking the time to share your opinions.

World Bank activity in Tunisia has covered a range of projects, which have included a diverse set of investments over the years from education and agriculture, to wastewater management and avian flu preparedness. We invite you to review all the relevant information which is readily available on the Bank's website. Yet despite this diversity, our mission has remained unchanged: to promote development as a means to provide better opportunities and living conditions for poor people, and ultimately to end poverty.

The World Bank was founded by governments to lend to governments. Therefore our interlocutors have been mainly governments. Our understanding of what constitutes effective development and how to achieve it has evolved over the years. It is clear to us that economic growth is only meaningful if its benefits are shared by the many and not reserved for the privileged few. This is a message we have brought to all the governments we partner with. The ‘Arab Spring’ both confirmed many of our conclusions and impressed upon us the need to broaden our engagement, to make sure we are talking to citizens as well as governments. It has also become clear that informed and engaged citizens holding governments to account are an essential condition for shared growth. When the new government in Tunisia asked for our support in implementing a set of governance reforms aimed at creating a clear break with the past, we were quick to respond. Enhancing public access to information was part of this initiative which has led to the development and adoption of legislation guaranteeing free access to information for all Tunisians; we are now working with partners in Tunisia to make access to information a reality.

This is a vital first step in giving citizens the means to hold their government to account. This is one aspect of the long-term support we will offer to help Tunisia achieve its goal of inclusive and sustainable development.

As we develop new projects they will be posted on our web site. We hope you will take the time to review them and offer comment and feedback. Holding us to account will help us refine our strategies, and ensure that all our projects produce their intended results.