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Submitted by bassem jmal on
In order to create jobs, a country need to make a long term employment strategy, work on it decades to achieve its goal of job creation and why not full employment.

To create a job we need capitals, workforce but also Ideas and a good environment that allow the value creation. In the arab world and middle east, governments lack of long term strategy, and they seems to work on day to day basis, the rules of the game are not well defined and the law enforcement depend of who you are.

The system lack objectivity, transparency and the states in the middle east are weak, so weak that they are not able to impose a fair and efficient fiscal system that allow them to collect the fiscal potential resources of their economy and dispose the necessary first factor for the job creation (capital); (big black market economy).

Of course a good environment of resource allowance is important to manage that money well, without wasting it; a democratic government under election pressure would do that, but a non democratic one would do it if and only if he want to do it (china) otherwise he will manage that money randomly: distribution of the cake to the friends and their children in form of public wages for a job that do not create value... (that's why the percentage of the salaries in the budget are high; and the public sector is preferred in the Middle east country to the private one).

The mismanagement of small part of the real fiscal potential in those country reach the education, system the source of ideas and skill for the task force, in fact in the arab world and the middle east the education system is like "a place to be in" "to occupy you" it's used by the governments like a mom use a baby sitter, in the school, the future task force is controlled, not well educated, dependent, and the studies are studied for the parents and not for acquisition of science or for stimulating the brains to be creative and entrepreneur. the education systems is based on course dictation and exams are question on that courses, even in the universities, students are treated like a children, there is no place for creativity or access to the sources of science (books), no case studies, no workshop, no international exchange...) with this bad educational system the graduated lack knowledge and are not able to be creative to be entrepreneur, the workforce is unskilled, that's why the young found difficulties to work.

So with the lack of vision and long term strategy, of capitals, ideas, with a non skilled work force, an awful education system and government's failure to provide a fair system and a clear rules to be equitably applicable on all the players; arab and middle Easter's young will usually find difficulties to find a job. Please tell our finance minister to be courageous enough and responsible to do what he need to do !!