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Your article is interesting and I was pleased to read an article that focuses on the problems of my country. In fact, I am a Tunisian engineer; I am currently working at the National Operating and water Distribution Company (The authority of potable water in Tunisia). I am the department of management of projects financed by the World Bank.

Let me send you some suggestions to improve the performances of such programs because its failure will lose many opportunities to the poorest regions and people.

1 / The unemployment of unskilled persons is highly variable during the year (depending on weather conditions, agricultural seasons, etc.). These projects must be carried out during the annual peak of unemployment.

2 / The selection of projects and beneficiaries regions must be very careful in terms of commonly accepted criteria (number of beneficiaries, project impact on the welfare of the beneficiaries, the project's ability to generate other economic activities in the region, etc.)

3 / The selection of the project manager must be very careful but without additional costs (scientific and professional qualification, place of residence, ability to manage the project, etc.).

4 / In the monitoring of the project we have to be aware of: • The payment of the money must be based on the progress of the project (never pay money for a work that is not yet completed) • Never pay money for a project that the association has proposed or beneficiaries do not participate in its funding • Use new technologies to monitor the project (transfer pictures on the progress through the Net, etc.). • Study the possibility of coordinating with other programs of the World Bank and similar organizations interested in encouraging young entrepreneurs in order to give them the opportunity to learn to manage a project.

(Excuse me for my not perfect English) Regards