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Submitted by Dr.Mahdi Nsaif Jasim on
There is a lot of Iraqi students enrolled in the Malaysian universities and some of them are my friends mostly because of the cheap life cost and low education fees ,but in most cases with low education quality "especially the students with self funded" .Now it is widely agreed in Iraq that the people who are studied in Malaysian universities are not good performed and this process is just money making with bad quality illumines.So the ministry of higher education adopted the scholars and study missions to the western universities that have high ranks aiming to be the seeds of next generation of academic and researchers of Iraqi universities and at the same time applying the rules of quality assurance and academic accreditation. I just propose to make a comparative study with a western universities to make benefits from their success stories.In Iraq the government allocate a lot of money to support and develop higher education and make a large number of MOUs with British and American universities and educational agencies,so we are looking forward to cooperate with WB to make this comparative studies. Best Regards, Mahdi Nusaif Jasim,PhD