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Submitted by Lant Pritchett on
The migration issue with rich country shareholders (or other migrant destinations like the Gulf) is tricky because it is so hotly political, but the long run forces are going to mean that Europe especially is going to need more migrants--the changes in the labor force are just too dramatic to be accommodated without it. Manjula's work in New Zealand shows that without necessarily getting into all of the politics of migration technically minded global organizations like the WB can be helpful in crafting "win-win-win" type programs. While it is delicate, the IMF can call a spade a spade (if in a polite way) when it comes to US fiscal position or European issues at least in its technical work and the WTO can (at least in principle) stand up to powerful countries. So I think the WB can begin to engage more and more the issues with the Part I countries in a cooperative way rather than just a reactive stance.