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Submitted by Edmundo Murrugarra on
3. The Bank has a unique opportunity because South-South migration is as important (or even more) as South-North migration. That is, before getting into the dialogue between US and Mexico, or Morocco and Spain, there is an even larger migration dynamics between India and Nepal, Bolivia and Argentina, to name a few. By the time Spain - the second largest migrant recipient country after the U.S. a few years ago - carried a massive regularization program of more than 700,000 migrants in the 2000s, Argentina had already been regularizing migrants from Paraguay, Peru and Bolivia accounting for almost the same number of people. Did we notice it? Had the Bank spend some time learning how they did it? The current dialogue with Ministries of Labor in LAC's growing economies on skills training or occupational certification always includes a comment on the regional labor markets: "We need to ensure our trainees can be recognized abroad". We are in a unusual position to facilitate this dialogue and bring experiences like the one you led in the Pacific Islands.