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Dear Waddah, thanks a lot for your comment! In our view, inter-regional investments show great promise when taking into account the common language and culture shared by countries in the region. Nonetheless, from our perspective inter-regional and international investments are equally important. As huge growth opportunities lie ahead for the region, MENA will need lots of capital to build on this potential. Definitely, countries in the region should take advantage of all opportunities.
Regarding the second issue you raise, we see the report as a tool for launching a dialogue with each and every country in the region, including Libya. The inclusion of a chapter on Libya in the report is really the best proof of that. At the moment, we support the Libyan Ministry of Communications and Informatics (MCIT) and Libya International Telecom Company (LPTIC) with two technical assistance programs financed by trust funds: The Frequency Management and Digital Switchover/Digital Dividend program and pre-investment detailed technical assistance for a national cluster as part of the regional interconnection initiative between Libya, Sudan and Chad. The World bank is also exploring opportunities to support the Libyan government with the development of an ICT strategy and we remain open to assist with any other related efforts.