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Submitted by Amin Mohseni on

Dear Majusha,

Thanks for your comment.

1. I agree with you that the IDEAL solution is the absorption of the educated youth in a robustly growing economy inside Iran. However, as I mentioned early on in the blog, realistically speaking that scenario is not on the horizon and Iranian economy does not and will not have (in the foreseeable future) to absorb its university-educated youth. So the question is: what should be done in this situation?

2. Again, as I mentioned in the blog, in the recent decades the quality of higher education has been sacrificed for the sake of quantity which has led to downward pressure on the wages of good and strong graduates, exacerbating brain drain phenomenon.

3. Finally, there is no reason for a person who has little to no chance in getting a job that is relevant to his/her university degree to get the university degree in the first place UNLESS he/she is after knowledge for the sake of knowledge itself; and we know those individuals are in minority and they are in fact the ones who are strong and good graduates. This is an economic inefficiency. Why invest 4 years of one's life and allocated precious and rare national resources to it when the future returns are expected to be low or non-existing.

4. From sociological perspective, education (no matter its quality) increases the expectation of youth. A university educated young person will have much more expectation from the economy and society than a youth with High School Diploma and won't accept any job. Therefore, not only having more unemployed university educated youth is a social threat to Iranian society, it is also a threat to the psychological well being of the youth themselves. It is one thing to be unemployed with a High School degree; it is totally another thing to still be unemployed with a university degree that one spent 4 years of his/her youth on it. You can imagine in which scenario the youth will be more disappointed and depressed.

5. Economic resources are limited and must not be wasted.

and I can write more reasons. So, while I agree with you that in the long run just and transparent policies must be in place to ensure robust, stable, and long-term economic growth possible and therefore create employment opportunities for the university educated youth, that is NOT something that we can count on now. So instead of adding more and more youth to the growing pool of unemployed university educated, I think the best practice is to train them in the vocational skills the economy needs so that they would have a higher chance of getting a job and making a living for themselves.

Sorry it got longer than I anticipated when I started the reply.