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Submitted by Mohamed Al-Wabr on

Not only will you wow the business world, but you will truly wow the whole Yemeni economy and beyond. When I first met Miss. Laila in the SFD I could clearly see massive amounts of promising enthusiasm. And luckily, I had the opportunity to learn about LGP Yemen.
Form my "short" experience in microfinance and entrepreneurship, I believe that LGP is one of the most, if not the most, important development programs in Yemen. All microfinance services combined cover less than 10% of the market demand, which leaves great deal of MSMEs potentials untapped. With LGP, the greatest barrier -collateral- that prevents entrepreneurs from accessing microfinance services will be overcome.
To help the Yemeni economy recover, and fight poverty, it's necessary to pay more attention towards the development of MSMEs. This can be achieved through supporting programs like LGP.
I hope this promising program receives the support it deserves from donors, business people, government and all parties.

Regards to the LGP team.

Mohamed Am-Wabr