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  • Reply to: Young Tunisian entrepreneurs push to change attitudes to jobs   1 week 3 days ago

    Well done Hamdi. You are definitely showing the way to young Tunisian entrepreneurs!!!

  • Reply to: Tunisia and Italy shine light on how regional electricity trade can help stabilize the region   1 week 5 days ago

    Obviously excess generation capacity is by definition temporary until economic recovery in Italy means demand catches up with supply. At that point, Italy-Tunisia electricity trade could be built on real long term comparative advantage - the only sustainable basis for trade - namely, the export of solar energy from the North African deserts to Europe. One assumes that this "reversal" of the interconnector is the World Bank's strategic intent for financing it. By the way, why not just connect Europe and Tunisia by interconnecting Tunisia to Malta? Italy and Tunisia would then be interconnected anyway.

  • Reply to: Tunisia and Italy shine light on how regional electricity trade can help stabilize the region   1 week 6 days ago

    Tunisia and other North African countries also have a major opportunity to export renewable energy to Europe. With higher land availability and a much better solar resource than Europe, North Africa's production costs are longer and the region benefits from a long term competitive advantage. Furthermore, the intensity of the direct sunlight in the desert allows the deployment of CSP technology which incorporates storage. CSP with storage a game-changer for renewable energy and will allow for a complete decarbonisation of the European grid, and will facilitate the closure of coal power plants and other problematic base-load generation (such as aging nuclear power plants). Imports of CSP from North Africa will also allow Europe to skip using gas a transition fuel and forgo the need for environmentally destructive "fracking" of natural gas. CSP will also allow Tunisia to achieve energy independence and a transition to a low carbon economy. The development of a CSP industry in North Africa, for both exports to Europe and domestic consumption will create employment and innovation in the region, as already demonstrated by MASEN in Morocco (with the support of the World Bank). It's important to note that their are other projects to link Tunisia to Europe, include TuNur, a 2,000 MW HVDC connection between Tunisia and mainland Italy which will be dedicated to the export of renewable energy to European markets (such as Germany and the UK)needing large quantities of baseload renewables to meet their climate change mitigation goals and COP21 commitments.

  • Reply to: Education is even more important in a world that is “flat and fast”: Thomas Friedman and Education for Competitiveness   3 weeks 2 days ago

    Yes I agree with you that education is more important for every individuals. But Educating child from good Islamic school if you are Islamic, then it is also very important from my point of view.

  • Reply to: Addressing the education emergency in Lebanon   1 month 4 days ago

    beautifully and sensitively written with a keen and poignantly eye on the future...great job