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  • Reply to: Jordan: Steps in the fight against corruption still too small   1 day 20 hours ago

    I've lived in Jordan continuously without departure for 5 years. Based upon my observations, experiences, and interviews; I will laud the accuracy of this report yet abstain from releasing any of the aforementioned data I became privy to during my stay by only commenting in response, this report was 'too nice' to Jordan.

    We hope for better change and no more Vitamin 'WOW' for "Wasta", or the kingdom's stability is questionable at most, in the future.

  • Reply to: The Economic Impact of the Syrian War and the Spread of ISIS: Who Loses & How Much?   2 days 17 hours ago

    How has the conflict between Syria and Isis effected the region socially , economically , and politically ???!?

  • Reply to: Pro-poor health coverage expands in Egypt   2 days 20 hours ago

    Thank you very much for your comment. At this stage, the Bank's support is focused on supporting the Egyptian government ensure that essential services reach those that need them most, with programs such as the one described in the blog, and we welcome new requests that could contribute to this effort.

  • Reply to: Jordan’s Syrian Refugees – what a difference a year makes   4 days 19 hours ago

    Thanks for this window on the stunning challenges of the Syrian refugee crisis. UN OCHA reports that, overall, there are 13.5 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria, including 5.6 million children; 6.5 million internally displaced; and a total of 4.3 million displaced to neighboring countries (including Jordan). Clearly governments and large international organizations need to urgently address this. In the interim, Charity Navigator gives high ratings to several organizations active with victims of the Syrian Crisis, giving four stars (highest rating) to: American Refugee Committee, GlobalGiving, International Rescue Committee, Islamic Relief USA, Mercy-USA for Aid and Development, and United States Fund for UNICEF. Any suggestions from your experience?

  • Reply to: Fighting corruption in Lebanon: No more taboos? No more untouchables?   1 week 10 hours ago

    The struggle for corruption in lebanon will be a propaganda till we have judges without political protection till we have the money laundry law applicable with the R 40 recommendations on the judges