Share your views: What does the Middle East & North Africa region need now?


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January 10, 2012
7 am EST (12:00 GMT or get your time)

Across the Middle East and North Africa, citizens are demanding a say in the way development choices are made. A year ago, the world watched as people found the power of voice in Tunisia; a year on, the world is challenged to support the aspirations of millions of citizens across the region, reclaiming their dignity.

To mark this historical tide, the World Bank will host a live online discussion with Inger Andersen, Vice President of the Bank’s MENA region. Inger invites you to share your views with the World Bank.

What does MENA need now? Financing? Knowledge sharing? Inclusion? Jobs? Equitable and sustainable growth? Governance? Data? A cleaner environment? Empowerment? Education? What is your vision for a new MENA and how to ensure everybody can share in the benefits of development?

The live online chat will be held in Arabic with realtime translation into English on Twitter from @WorldBankLive

Presubmit questions here and join us on January 10th on Twitter with hashtag #WBLive.


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Abdelsalam Abdelsalam
January 05, 2012

Egypt & Sudan in North Africa, What are the possibilties of cooperation with up stream counteries with objectives of having shared vision on importance of optimal use of natural resources

Abdelsalam Ahmed
Ex Coordinator for Sudan in Nile Transboundary Environmental Action Project