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February 2006

Your own MDG movie

Are you a budding Spielberg with a passion for social justice? Film Your Issue has just announced a contest… One of the six major categories has to do with the Millennium Development Goals. The what? Okay, let's be honest, the MDGs have a name only a bureaucrat could love. They could definitely use a little Hollywood luster.

Aceh Diary: Banda's beehive

The Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency for Aceh and Nias (BRR) was set up in April 2005 by the Indonesian government to coordinate the frenzy of donor and NGO activities that has gripped Aceh in the wake of last year’s tsunami. A visit to the BRR office is a must for anyone working in Aceh.

Just don’t call it privatization

Peru has lots of fresh water – though Peruvians have very little access to it. The problem is not just geography, but also poorly run state enterprises and a lack of investment. The government is cautiously turning to the private sector:

Environmental and social standards: the best approach

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You can write the best policy and require the most thorough environmental and social assessment, but unless the actions to prevent or mitigate risks are integrated into companies’ business operations and carried out on a day-to-day basis, you don’t get the results on the ground.

Reforming for private sector development

An interesting new report by the World Economic Forum, The Untapped Potential of Development Finance Institutions to Catalyse Private Investment. I don’t agree with all of it, but a commendable paper for its comprehensiveness, detail and ambitious reform proposals to support private sector development.

Development Marketplace finalists

This year’s global Development Marketplace competition focuses on “Innovations in Water, Sanitation, and Energy Services for Poor People.” 119 finalists have been selected to showcase their projects May 8-9 in Washington DC.