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April 2006

Tainted by association?

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Partnering with a well-known NGO can be one of the most successful ways for a business to win over the public and reinforce a positive reputation – more effective than careful audits or compliance. So says recent research by Globescan, as presented by Doug Miller, President of the research firm at last week’s Business, NGOs and Development conference.

Chindia’s surprises

During the PSD Forum we asked Yasheng Huang of MIT (who is Chinese) to talk about what China can learn from India. We then asked Sridhar Ramasubbu of Wipro (who is Indian) to talk about what India can lean from their northern neighbors. Joerg Wuttle of BASF also gave his perspective on the Chindia debate.

Fridays Academy: Macroeconomic concepts

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Like every Friday, we are posting one of Raj Nallari’s teaching notes.


Before we examine how economic growth is measured (through the concept of GDP), we have a look at some basic macroeconomic concepts.


Arising from the interaction and behavior of the economic sectors we studied last Friday, there are certain key macroeconomic concepts that play a central role in macroeconomic analysis. These are defined in the framework of the System of National Accounts (SNA).

Capturing value

BirdSo what can impede the IFC's ability to fulfill its mission of promoting sustainable private sector investment in emerging markets? Well sometimes it's a case of too much paperwork - see the Doing Business website for details. And in other cases, it's the lack of paperwork - particularly of the insightful, analytical variety.

Rating the MCC

Lord Kelvin said "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." He's right which is one reason the explosion in measurement in development economics and foreign aid is so important. Regarding the latter the Millennium Challenge Corporation awards aid to countries that perform well on a set of variables such as political rights, civil liberties, the costs of starting a business, trade policy and other variables.

Fighting poverty profitably?

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Is engagement in development a genuine business opportunity? Maybe so according to a new report Fighting Poverty – A Business Opportunity by InWEnt, United Nations Global Compact, World Bank Institute and Instituto Ethos.