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April 2006

2006 Webby Awards

The nominees for the 2006 Webby Awards have been announced. Two notable nominees: the World Bank’s YouThink! for best advocacy site, and for best business (for development) blog. You can cast your vote through the People’s Voice option.

Fair trade fair enough?

A common criticism of fair trade coffee is that very little of the price markup goes back to the farmers themselves. So now, if you really want to cut out the middlemen, you can buy 1,000 pounds of top-quality coffee beans direct from the farmers, thanks to Cup of Excellence. After a rigorous competition, these coffee-lovers select the best beans from six Latin American countries and auction them on their site.

Business and NGOs: interdependence?

Every so often, the standard terminology of the natural and business worlds coincide - or perhaps more accurately, borrow from each other. Books like Biomimicry ('Innovation Inspired by Nature') and Natural Capitalism are well known examples - but I came across another while preparing for a panel session on partnerships at today's conference on Business, NGOs and Development.

New blogger: Richard Caines

Richard Caines of the IFC’s Environmental and Social Development Department has joined PSD Blog. His team has been one of the leaders in improving our monitoring and evaluation efforts and communicating our social and environmental experience. Plus, he is a marine biologist – and I here they are much more interesting than development economists.