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April 2006

Tanzania Poverty and Human Development Report 2005

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The Research and Analysis Working Group (RAWG) of the Poverty Monitoring System, and its Secretariat REPOA (Research on Poverty Alleviation) have recently published the Poverty and Human Development Report 2005 for Tanzania.

This is the first report of the RAWG since the start of the new National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty, MKUKUTA in its Swahili acronym.

Sharia safe investing

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How do you reach an Islamic business community that does not approach mainstream banks? Two new funds in the UK hope to have found an answer by offering capital funding that complies with Islamic sharia law. As reported in the latest issue of Clear Profit, there are three main ways investors generate a return on capital under sharia law. The first by leasing assets to it, the second by sharing in profits.

Aceh diary: the housing hole

Many development agencies and NGOs working in Aceh are in a rather unenviable position right now. This is especially true in certain sectors like housing. The saying that you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, is quite apt in this scenario.

2006 Private Sector Development Forum

For the last two months, a big chunk of my time has been spent organizing the World Bank-IFC 2006 Private Sector Development Forum, which kicks-off tomorrow morning. This year’s focus is “Markets & Growth” and the hope is to bring together experts from government, donors and the private sector to discuss the private sector development agenda. What is working, what is not? When and how to sequence? What current and future trends will have the most impact on us going forward?

Business and NGOs: friend or foe?

Biz_ngos_dev_logoThe private sector and civil society are increasingly moving beyond occasionally adversarial relations, to building trust and partnerships. Is this a good thing? Does it open up new paths to development? How is the World Bank adapting to these new partnership models?