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October 2006

World Food Day

The World Food Programme's game Food Force is now available in an unpredictable group of 7 languages (French, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Polish and English). Since its launch in April 2005, over four million have played this serious game. (via Gamasutra)

Public-private partnerships promise prosperity

Intel chairman Craig Barrett is quite enthusiastic about public-private partnerships for technology transfer in the European Union. The subject is one of five at the EU's OPEN DAYS European Week of Cities and Regions, which closes tomorrow. A few thoughts from Barrett's interview in

ICICI hungry for more remittances

ICICI Bank, one of CK Prahalad's favorites, is headed even further into the $24 billion Indian remittance market. No specifics yet, but expect to see innovative products coming from ICICI over the next six months. Maybe remittances via mobile banking? From the bank's remittances chief, Manish Mishra:

The aid debate in 1,000 words

Mark Doyle from the BBC summarizes the Sachs/Easterly debate in addressing the question: Can aid bring an end to poverty? 

Hilary Benn, Britain's Development Minister, also gets into the discussion. He sticks to the UK's governance line, arguing that government-to-government aid is good for encouraging accountability of recipient governments with their own people.