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October 2006

Monday Press Brief: Brazil, Tanzania, Vietnam, Armenia

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News on Poverty and Growth issues from around the world.


Elections in Brazil


Lula was unable to secure a victory in the first round of the Brazilian presidential elections. He has a wide support among the poor, thanks to anti-poverty programs such as Bolsa-familia. The challenger Geraldo Alckmin criticizes what he describes as “pathetic” growth, falling short of its potential at a projected three percent this year.

Tanzania: East Africa's best hope?

The Economist this week says Tanzania is an "African country that deserves the money it gets". While still very poor, Tanzania is set for 5.8% GDP growth this year and perhaps 6.7% next. A popular president, former foreign minister Jakaya Kikwete, hopes to build up the country's sparse infrastructure, expand access to drinking water, and improve agricultural productivity.