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February 2007

Quiet resurgence of privatization

Just launched data for privatization trends – latest year 2005 – shows near record levels. Transactions are concentrated in China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine and the top ten deals are largely in banking and telecommunications. For more check out the online database. Only Bolivia, Russia and Venezuela defied the pattern: either through nationalization or restrictions of foreign investment.

Funding what the donor intended

In the World Bank working paper titled "Fungibility and the flypaper effect of project aid: micro-evidence for Vietnam" released earlier this month Dominique van de Walle and Ren Mu ask about the degree to which the donors get what they paid for. The authors examine the World Bank project to rehabilitate 5,000 kilometers of district and commune level roads in Vietnam:

Business with four billion

This is the title of an upcoming Base of the Pyramid (BOP) conference at the University of Michigan. Between September 9 and 11 in Ann Arbor business managers, policy makers, social entrepreneurs, academics, non-profit experts, and development agency professionals will focus on enterprise-based approaches to alleviating poverty in low-income communities. C.K. Prahalad is a confirmed speaker.

Essay competitions

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Two different essay competitions have been recently launched. $5,000 and $1,000 prizes up for grabs.


The World Bank and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2007 essay competition. How does corruption affect your life? What can you do to fight the corruption that you face?


Deadline is March 15. More information and instructions to apply here.