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April 2007

Old idea, new math

Forget about trade liberalization says Lant Pritchett suggesting a far more beneficial trade off:

If rich countries were to permit a mere 3 percent increase in the size of their labor force by easing restrictions on labor mobility, the benefits to citizens of poor countries would be $305 billion a year—almost twice the combined annual benefits of full trade liberalization ($86 billion); foreign aid ($70 billion) and debt relief (about $3 billion in annual debt service savings).

To all gregarious workers

New research shows that extroverted workers not only "spend a lot of time interacting with others while away from work and while at work, but that the social interactions during work time are not work related."

The study found also that social isolation at the office is particularly painful for extraverts.

Suffering form a lack of company? Click here.

IFIs - the good, the bad and the ugly

Microrate - the microfinance equivalent of Standard & Poor's - released a new report. It charges international development organizations (IFIs) with funding only the largest and safest microfinance institutions (MFIs) while leaving the most risky ones out. The result: