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May 2007

SOX in India

Not everything that works in developed countries works in developing countries, but here is an example of the reverse – while the Sarbanes–Oxley (SOX) Act might not have had the expected impact in the U.S., similar reforms have had a positive impact in India, including on the share prices of Indian companies.

These governance reforms could have net benefits in a poor-governance country, like India, but net costs for companies that are already well-governed, like the U.S.

First Global Peace Index - the texture of peace

The Economist Intelligence Unit launched today a study ranking 121 nations by their 'absence of violence.' The 24 indicators include internal and external factors such as levels of violence within a country, organized crime, the number of people in prison, and military expenditure.

Private sector development for stability in East Timor

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed (subscription required), Paul Cleary - an Australian journalist and a former advisor to the East Timor government - links a decline in GDP per capita to instability:

Find Doing Business on the map

The marriage of the Doing Business database and Google Earth has come true. The union is fully interactive and contains a variety of data on 175 economies.

Also listen to a World Bank staffer in the field tell stories of how small, often conflict-prone Pacific islands navigate the waters of reform and the Doing Business rankings.