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May 2008

Robert Varenik's Reflections on the Politics of Reform

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Photo Credit: Gennadiy Ratushenko (WB)I went to New York with a colleague last week to visit the Open Society Institute (OSI). At CommGAP we are always seeking to win friends and influence networks. We met the Open Society Justice Initiative team. It was a useful and productive meeting.

World Bank ready to help China earthquake victims, Zoellick says

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World Bank Group President Robert B. Zoellick said the institution was ready to help the victims of China’s earthquake as he expressed his condolences following the disaster that hit the central province of Sichuan on May 12, killing about 15,000 people.

Natural Disasters: What Role for Information and Communication?

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Photo Credit: Flickr user Sarvodaya.orgIn the wake of the massive and horrific natural disasters in Myanmar and China, it is important to examine how the provision of humanitarian relief relates to issues of voice and accountability. In a general sense, communication should be an absolutely vital element of any relief effort.

Comparing businesses' environmental commitments

Climate Change, an environmental interest group, released a new ranking of "green" companies. The survey purports to measure how serious companies are about climate change in comparison with their sector competitors. 

The survey, which is updated annually, uses 22 criteria to analyze whether companies measure their climate footprint; reduced their impact on global warming; supported progressive climate legislation; and publicly disclosed their climate actions clearly and comprehensively.

And what happens after the Nam Theun 2 project is over?

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A couple of days ago a reader, Nicholas Cantrell, posted a very interesting comment in my post “Nam Theun 2: Just about ready to start filling in.” The comment poised a number of questions, but if