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Kyle Peters is the World Bank’s Senior Vice President, Operations.

He is responsible for the World Bank’s operation... Read more »

R. Subrahmanyam is Principal Secretary of Rural Development in Andhra Pradesh, India.

From the Inafi Alternative Micr... Read more »

Rabah Arezki is the Chief Economist for Middle East and North Africa Region (MNA) at the World Bank. Previously, Rabah Arezki was the... Read more »
Rabia Ali is a human development economist with the World Bank's East Asia and Pacific education team. She is currently team lead for the... Read more »

Rachael Goodhue is a professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Davis. Her resear... Read more »

Rachael Knight, Director of the Community Land Protection Progam at Namati, is an... Read more »
Rachel Coleman is an analyst with the World Bank’s Gender Innovation Lab in the Africa Chief Economist’s Office. She leads the policy and... Read more »
Rachel Cooper is a consultant for the World Bank's Education Global Practice.  Read more »
Rachel Firestone works in the Transport and ICT Global Practice on ICT policy and digital entrepreneurship. She joined the World Bank in... Read more »
Rachel is a research assistant with the WDR team, and despite her youthfulness, is not as tech-savvy as she ought to be, though she,... Read more »
Rachel K. Sebudde is a Senior Economist in the World Bank's Africa, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit. She has over 15 years... Read more »
Rachel Kyte is chief executive officer of Sustainable Energy for All, and special representative of... Read more »
Rachel Lipson works in the Public Integrity and Openness Department of the Governance Global Practice. Her work program focuses on the... Read more »
Rachel M. Gisselquist, a political scientist, is a Research Fellow with Read more »
Rachel Mok is a Climate Analyst at the World Bank’s Carbon Markets and Innovation (GCCMI). Rachel’s work primarily involves supporting... Read more »
Rachel Ort is a Public Sector and Governance consultant with the World Bank. Her research interests include the political economy of... Read more »
Rachel Perks is a mining specialist with the Extractive Industries practice of the World Bank. Prior to joining the World Bank, she... Read more »
Rachel joined the Climate Investment Funds in 2013 and currently leads the engagement of the private sector at the CIF... Read more »
Rachid Benmessaoud, a Moroccan national, joined the Bank in 1990 as an Energy Planner in the then Europe, Middle East and North Africa... Read more »
Radhi Meddeb is the President of Action of Développement Solidaire. Read more »
Radhicka Kapoor is a Fellow at ICRIER. Earlier, she worked at the Planning commission in 2011-13 on the XIIth Five Year Plan, and was... Read more »
is a Senior Infrastructure and Transport Specialist in the World Bank Office in Warsaw. He has over twenty years of experience in... Read more »
Radu Cucos acted as the Chief Information Officer and the e-Transformation Coordinator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European... Read more »
Radu Văcăreanu graduated Civil Engineering in 1991 from the Technical University of Iasi, Romania. He got his Ph.D. from the Technical... Read more »
Radwan Charafeddine, advisor to the President of the Republic of Gabon and chairman of the CAB4 steering committee.
... Read more »
Rafael Barroso é economista do Banco Mundial. Formou-se em economia pela Universidade de São Paulo e tem mestrado na área pela... Read more »
Rafael is the CIF’s Energy Specialist for the Scaling-up of Renewable Energy Program (SREP).  He was previously with the World Bank... Read more »
Rafael E. De Hoyos is a lead economist in the education unit for Latin America and the Caribbean of the World Bank. He has... Read more »

Rafael Muñoz Moreno is the World Bank’s Senior Country Economist for Malaysia since September 2015. He leads the macroeconomic and f... Read more »

Rafael Rofman es Licenciado en Economía de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, magister en Demografía Social de la Universidad Nacional de... Read more »
Rafael Saute is a Senior Communications Officer at the World Bank, based in Mozambique.  His experience in communications spans more... Read more »

Rafeef is an Urban Development Specialist with the World Bank’s Social, Rural, Urban and Resilience Global Practice, providing techn... Read more »

Raffaello Cervigni is a Lead Environmental Economist and the Regional Coordinator for Climate Change in the Africa region of the Wor... Read more »

Raghad Mardini is the founder and director of Art Residence Aley (2012), an NGO that hosts Syrian artists and curate art shows and... Read more »
Raghada is a program assistant for Human Development projects in Egypt, Yemen and Djibouti based in Cairo office. She is a winner of the... Read more »
Professor Raghbendra Jha is Head of the Arndt-Corden Department of Economics at the College of Asia and the Pacific of the Australian... Read more »
Ragui Assaad is Thematic Leader on Labor Issues at the Economic Research Forum in Egypt, nonresident senior fellow with Global Economy... Read more »
Rahmatullah Quraishi is the Executive Director of Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Program (AREDP) in Ministry of Rural... Read more »
Rahul Kanakia is an international development consultant who's based in Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated from Stanford in 2008 with a B... Read more »

Rahyab Lari is a manager at the World Bank in Washington DC.  He leads the design and delivery of IT-enabled business solutions... Read more »

Mr Divanbeigi is an economist under the Global Indicators department of the World Bank Group. He currently serves as a project... Read more »
Rainer Münz is Head of Research, Erste Bank, and Chair of KNOMAD Thematic Working Group 8 on Demographic Changes and Migration. He holds... Read more »
Raj Batra is President of the Digital Factory (DF) Division for Siemens USA.  In this role, Batra is responsible for overseeing... Read more »

Raj Nallari is the manager of the Growth and Competitiveness Practice at the World Bank Institute.  During these 15 years of... Read more »

Raj Nandy currently works as a Digital Strategy and Product Officer. He advises teams across the World Bank on their digital strategy and... Read more »
Raja Bentaouet Kattan is the country manager for Yemen. She leads and implements the World Bank’s country engagement strategy in Yemen,... Read more »
Raja Rehan Arshad is Lead Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Specialist in the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice, currently... Read more »

Rajeev Ahuja, PhD, is an economist working in the Health, Nutrition, and Population unit of the World Bank, India office. Although,... Read more »

Dr. Rajendra Kumar is a senior officer in the Indian Administrative Service (I.A.S.) and is currently working as the Joint Secretary (e... Read more »
Rajib Upadhya is the senior external affairs officer in the Nepal office of the World Bank. He was a journalist and a broadcaster in... Read more »
Rajiv Joshi is a social entrepreneur and activist who serves as Managing Director and a founding member of The B Team. He is working... Read more »
Rajiv Sharma is a Research Associate at Stanford University’s Global Projects Center and an honorary research associate at the Oxford... Read more »

Rajkamal Iyer is an Associate Professor of Finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Iyer’s research focuses o... Read more »

Raju Huidrom is an Economist with the Development Prospects Group of the World Bank. He is primarily engaged with monitoring of fina... Read more »

Raju Singh is the Program Leader, leading and overseeing the World Bank’s work on economic policy, private sector development, and e... Read more »

Rajul Awasthi is Senior Public Sector Specialist in the Governance Global Practice at the World Bank. He leads the tax policy and revenue... Read more »
Raka Banerjee is the Project Coordinator for the Living Standards Measurement Study team in the Development Data Group at the World Bank.... Read more »
Rakesh Tripathi is a Senior Professional with the World Bank’s Transport and ICT Global Practice since Feb 2013. He has over 20 years of... Read more »
Rakhi Bhavnani is a Disaster Risk Management Specialist working in the area of disaster reconstruction, risk reduction, and rapid... Read more »

Ralph van Doorn is the Senior Country Economist for Sri Lanka and the Maldives. His responsibilities include monitoring the mac... Read more »

A filmmaker, publisher and founder of Rattapallax films, press and magazine based in New York City, Sao Paulo and New Delhi, Ram pro... Read more »

Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat became the new Finance Minister of Nepal in February 2014, his sixth stint in this job intermittently since 1994.... Read more »

Rama Chandra Reddy is a Senior Carbon Finance Specialist in the Climate Change Cross Cutting Solutions Area of the World Bank based in... Read more »
Ramatoulaye George-Alleyne is a development communications expert who is currently supporting the World Bank’s Education Global Practice.... Read more »
Ramatou Magagi is a Senior Investment Officer at the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Read more »
Ramatoulaye George-Alleyne is a Communications Officer with the World Bank Group's external and corporate relations. Read more »
Dr. Ramesh Govindaraj is a Lead Specialist in the Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice of the World Bank. Ramesh has an MD in... Read more »
Ramon Ernesto Arias, with a background in economics and agribusiness serves as a Rural Development Specialist for the World Bank Group... Read more »
Ramon Munoz-Raskin is a senior transport specialist working for the World Bank Transport and ICT Global Practice with an emphasis in... Read more »
Ran Goldblatt, Ph.D., is a Remote Sensing Scientist and a senior consultant at New Light Technologies. Ran joined the... Read more »
Rana Amirtahmasebi is an urban planner experienced in policy analysis and implementation of urban community and local... Read more »
Rana Flowers has been UNICEF Representive in Cambodia since July 2012. Prori to her arrival in Phnom Penh, Ms. Flowers served as UNICEF... Read more »
Rana Hendy is an Economist at the Economic Research Forum and affiliated to the Paris School of Economics. She has a Ph.D in Labor... Read more »
Ms. Akeel is a Senior Economist in the Middle East and North Africa Finance and Private Sector Development (FPD) unit. Ms. Akeel’s work... Read more »

Randall Bluffstone is Professor of Economics and Director of the Institute for Economics and the Environment at Portland State Unive... Read more »

Randall Brummett is a fish biologist. Growing up on a houseboat on the Columbia River, he fell in love early with fish. After obtaining a... Read more »
Randeep Sudan is the Practice Manager for Information and Communication Technologies at the World Bank, based in Washington DC. In his... Read more »

Randi Ryterman, a US national, joined the World Bank in 1992. She is the new director for Innovation and Change Management at the Wo... Read more »

Randolph S. Kent is a Masters candidate at Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service, specializing in Politics and Sec... Read more »

Randy Salim, a former television news reporter, has served as the communications officer for the Indonesia country office since 2007 and... Read more »
Rania is an entrepreneur and senior consultant at the World Bank, focusing on private sector development. Prior to this, she has worked... Read more »
Rania Atieh is a social protection and labor consultant at the Human Development Department of the World Bank’s Middle East and North... Read more »
Rania Salah Seddik is the Founder and Managing Director of Gebraa, a hybrid social enterprise that links artisans of traditional Egyptian... Read more »
Ms. Ranu Sinha was born in Patna, Bihar but migrated to the US at the age of five. Twenty four years later, she began a journey back to... Read more »
Ranya is a development economist with over 12 years of experience in finance and economic and social development. A consultant based... Read more »
Mr. Raouf Mazou is serving as the Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Kenya since September... Read more »

Rapeepun Jommaroeng is the Deputy Secretary-General of the Governing Board at the Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand (RSAT). Previo... Read more »

Raphael Shepard specializes on Open Government and Citizen Engagement as part of the Public Integrity and Openness Department in the... Read more »
Raphaela Karlen is a Labor Market Specialist in the Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice at the World Bank Group, where she... Read more »
Raquel Leslie is an undergraduate student at Harvard University studying Government and East Asian Studies. Her research interests... Read more »
Raquel Orejas works with the World Bank’s Agriculture and Environment/Natural Resources Global Practices as a consultant supporting... Read more »
Rashmi is currently a Program Leader for the South Caucasus, based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Prior to this position, Rashmi was Senior... Read more »
Rashmin Gunasekera is a Disaster Risk Management Specialist at the World Bank in Washington DC, focusing on disaster risk assessment and... Read more »
Rasiel Vellos, a Belizean national, is a Statistical Officer at the World Bank in Washington DC. He joined the Bank in May 2012 and... Read more »
Rasmus Heltberg is a Lead Evaluation Officer with the World Bank's a Independent Evaluation Group. Prior to this, he was a Senior... Read more »
Ratchada Anantavrasilpa is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist at the World Bank office in Bangkok, Thailand since 2008. Her major... Read more »
Raúl is the Lead Climate Change Specialist at the World Bank’s Climate Analytics & Advisory Services team (Climate Change Group). He... Read more »
Raul Gallego Abellan is an award-winning video journalist and filmmaker. He is a pioneer in producing innovative and compelling online... Read more »
Ravi Kanbur is T. H. Lee Professor of World Affairs at Cornell University. He holds a bachelor's degree from Cambridge and a doctorate... Read more »

Ravi Kumar, a Nepali national, is a digital and data strategist at the World Bank Group in Washington, D.C. 

&... Read more »

Ravi Yatawara is a Senior Economist in the Growth and Competitiveness Program at the World Bank Institute. He is the manager of the... Read more »

Dr. Ray Nakshabendi is a final year medical student that wishes to use his knowledge and skill for betterment of others. He has taken... Read more »

Ray Shostak, was the Head of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s  Delivery Unit, Director General... Read more »
Raymond Bourdeaux is currently Lead Infrastructure Specialist in the MENA region. In the front office of the MNSSD Director, he is... Read more »

Dr. Raymond Robertson is a professor and holder of the Helen and Roy Ryu Chair in Economics and Government in the Department of Inte... Read more »

Rebecca Holmes is a research fellow at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in the U.K. She specialises in social protection and... Read more »
In 2016, Rebecca joined the World Bank as a Young Professional based in Washington DC. She has been working in Africa – including both... Read more »

Rebecca Lacroix is a Social Development Specialist with the World Bank Group. She works on issues related to gender, citizen engagem... Read more »

Rebecca Ruf is responsible for leading peer learning and knowledge programs for the Alliance, particularly in the Latin America region.... Read more »
Rebecca Tapscott is a researcher for the Justice and Security Research Program (JSRP) and a PhD Candidate at the Fletcher School at... Read more »
Named Africa Utility Week’s “Outstanding Young Leader in Energy”, Dr. Rebekah Shirley is the Chief Research Officer at Power for All... Read more »
Rediet Firdu is a master's student at the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, where she is pursuing a master’s degree in road and... Read more »
Rediet Yibekal Wegayehu is an Ethiopian national currently based in Washington DC. She is a political scientist and a Tom Lantos... Read more »
Reema Nayar is Practice Manager in the Latin America and Caribbean Unit of the Education Global Practice of the World Bank. In this... Read more »
Reg Onglao is a data scientist in the Trade and Competitiveness global practice of the World Bank Group. She is currently working on the... Read more »
Regassa Ensermu Namara is a Senior Water Economist with the World Bank Water Global Practice.  Read more »
Regina Maria Barbosa, M.D., Ph.D. M.P.H. is Vice President and Director of the largest AIDS NGO in Brazil – ABIA – and Professor and... Read more »
Rehan Rafay Jamil currently working with the South Asia Social Protection (SASSP) at the World Bank. Rehan has a Masters in... Read more »

Rekha Reddy is a Senior Operations Officer in the Operations Policy and Country Services Group.  She joined th... Read more »

Rémi Bazillier is a Professor of Economics at the Pantheon-Sorbonne University and research affiliate at the Centre d’Economie de... Read more »
Remi Jedwab is a PhD candidate in economics from the Paris School of Economics, on the 2011-2012 job market. He is currently a visiting... Read more »
Renana Jhabvala is the National Coordinator for the Self-Employed Women’s Association in India. Read more »
Dr. Renata Giannini is a senior researcher at the Igarapé Institute where she oversees the organization's Women, Peace and Security Area.... Read more »
Vencedora pela região Sudeste do Concurso de Curtas-Metragens Lei Maria da Penha, promovido pela Secretaria da Mulher da Câmara dos... Read more »
Renaud Seligmann is currently Manager of the West and Central Africa Financial Management Unit at the World Bank. He oversees the Bank's... Read more »
Rene Leon-Solano is a senior social protection specialist in the Social Protection & Labor Global Practice of the World Bank. He... Read more »
René M. Stulz is the Everett D. Reese Chair of Banking and Monetary Economics and the Director of the Dice Center for Research in... Read more »
Renée Giovarelli is one of the world’s most distinguished experts on women’s land rights. She has more than 20 years of experience... Read more »

Rennan Ocheda is the Drop-in Center Nurse Manager in Taguig City, Metro Manila.  He worked previously as RNHeals, Nurse T... Read more »

Renos Vakis is a Lead Economist with the Poverty and Equity Global Practice where he co-leads the Mind, Behavior, and Development Unit (... Read more »
Rentsenkhand Enkh-Amgalan (Handaa) travaille actuellement au sein du Laboratoire d’innovation de la Banque mondiale sur le genre et l... Read more »
Rentsenkhand Enkh-Amgalan (Handaa) currently works at the World Bank's Africa Gender Innovation Lab (GIL) in the Office of the Chief... Read more »
Renu Chhetri is a Communications Consultant at the World Bank in Nepal. A former public information and communication... Read more »
Renu Warnasuriya is a development communications expert specializing in education and training. Her experience in the development field... Read more »
Reza Farivari is a Lead Information Officer at the World Bank in Washington DC. He manages the Data and Information Systems, as well as... Read more »
Rhedon Begolli is a Senior Energy Specialist based in Kosovo with the World Bank's Energy and Extractives Global Practice,... Read more »
Rianna Mohammed-Roberts is a Senior Health Specialist in the Health, Nutrition and Population (HNP) Global Practice at the World Bank.... Read more »
Ricardo Fuentes Nieva is a chapter author for the World Development Report 2010 at the World Bank. He is currently on leave from his... Read more »
Ricardo Gazel, a citizen of Brazil, received his B.A. degree in Economics from University of Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1981. He worked in... Read more »

Riccardo Puliti joined the World Bank Group as Senior Director, Head of the Energy and Extractives Global Practice in November 2016.... Read more »

Rich Donovan is CEO of The Return on Disability Group and is a globally recognized subject matter expert on the convergence of disability... Read more »
Richa Bhattarai is a Communications Consultant at the World Bank in Nepal. With a background in journalism, creative writing and... Read more »

Richard Abadie leads PwC's global capital projects and infrastructure group, which provides advice on the whole infrastructure... Read more »

Richard Abdulnour is a Water and Sanitation Specialist, Global Water Practice, World Bank. He is currently involved in water and... Read more »
Richard Cabello is the Manager of IFC Advisory Services in Public Private Partnerships for Latin America and the Caribbean since 2007,... Read more »
Richard Calland is an Associate Professor of Public Law at the University of Cape Town and a Senior Associate of the University of... Read more »
Richard Cambridge joined the World Bank as a Young Professional and has undertaken a variety of assignments. He has served as the... Read more »
Richard Colback is the IFC Agribusiness Water Specialist based in Washington DC.  He provides technical advisory support to private... Read more »

Richard Damania is the Global Lead Economist in the World Bank’s Water Practice. He leads the Practice’s work o... Read more »

Richard Fix is the Senior Communications Officer in the World Bank’s Data Group. He and his team manage the group’s website and the ... Read more »

Richard Hogg is currently the World Bank’s Program Leader, Afghanistan. He is former Head, UK’s Department for International Development ... Read more »
Richard Hosier is Senior Environmental Specialist on Climate Change in the Global Environmental Coordination Unit of the World Bank. From... Read more »
Richard J. Hatchett, MD, is Chief Executive Officer of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), a partnership of... Read more »
Richard J. Sexton is a professor and chair in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Davis. His... Read more »
Richard MacGeorge is a Lead Infrastructure Finance Specialist in the Financial Solutions unit of the World Bank Group. The Financial... Read more »
Rich is a Research Officer at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in London, where he works full-time on the Secure Livelihoods... Read more »

Richard Record is a Lead Economist in the World Bank Group’s Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management Global Practice. Currently based i... Read more »

Richard Scobey is President of the World Cocoa Foundation, where he leads the strategic development of the organization, serves as the... Read more »
Richard Spencer has been with the World Bank for eighteen years.  During much of the early years he worked on renewable energy... Read more »
Richard has worked in the infrastructure sector for 20 years and developed detailed knowledge and experience across a variety of roles in... Read more »

In his sixteen years at the World Bank, Richard Zechter has been involved in carbon fund management, oversight of the Bank’s engagem... Read more »

Rifat Hasan is a Health Specialist at the World Bank Group working in the Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice.  She has... Read more »

Rijak Grover is Labor Specialist at the World Bank specializing in urbanization.  Previously, she was co-author of the IFC Job ... Read more »

Rimma Dankova is a Senior Adviser with the FAO Investment Centre. She is an economist specializing in sector policies and strategies... Read more »
Rinku Murgai is a Lead Economist at the World Bank, based in the New Delhi office. She has interest and analytic skills in the general... Read more »
Rishi Desai currently manages research efforts for the C40 Cities Climate Leadership group. He is responsible for developing the... Read more »
Rita K. Almeida earned her PhD in Economics with honors from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in 2004, and her Licenciatura in... Read more »
Rita Costa holds a Master in Public Policy from the University of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy and a BA in Economics from... Read more »

Rita Oulai is an International Finance Corporation (IFC) consultant working in microfinance and digital finance in Abidjan, Cote d’I... Read more »

Ritgak joined the World Bank’s Health Nutrition and Population Unit in Nigeria working on innovative approaches under the Results Based... Read more »
Ritika D’Souza is an analyst at the World Bank’s Office of the Chief Economist for the South Asia Region (SARCE). Her... Read more »

Ritu Sharma leads the Global Center for Gender and Youth (GCGY) at the International Youth Foundation. Prior to IYF, Ritu was the co... Read more »

Ritva Reinikka works as an independent development economist. She was director of Human Development in the Africa Region of the World... Read more »
Dr. Rob Brumbaugh is the Director of Ocean Planning & Protection at The Nature Conservancy (TNC). In this capacity, he leads an... Read more »
Rob Swinkels is a Senior Social Development Specialist at the World Bank. Rob has worked with the World Bank for more than 12 years and... Read more »
Robert Bernard is responsible for defining and implementing the global strategy for Microsoft’s environmental efforts. Under Rob’s... Read more »
Robert Boothe is a Public Sector Management Specialist in the World Bank’s Global Governance Practice. He focuses on issues related to... Read more »
Robert C. M. Beyer is an economist at the South Asia Office of the Chief Economist at the World Bank. He is the lead author of the... Read more »
Robert C. Brears is the author of Read more »

Robert B. Cialdini is Regents’ Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University. He has taught at... Read more »

Robert Hawkins is a Sr. Education Specialist in the World Bank with a focus on science and technology as well as the role of technol... Read more »

Robert Hunja is the Director for Public Integrity and Openness in the World Bank’s Governance Global Practice. In that role he overs... Read more »

Dr. Robert Lerman is a leading expert on how education, employment, and family structure work together to affect economic well-being... Read more »

Robert M. Lesnick is currently Oil and Gas Program Coordinator for the World Bank within its Oil, Gas and Mining Policy Division.... Read more »
Robert joined GFDRR as a communications consultant in April 2017, and previously worked as a Senior Advisor for a U.S. Congressman for... Read more »

Robert Marten joined The Rockefeller Foundation in 2010. Mr. Marten manages relationships with current and prospective grantees thro... Read more »

Dr. Robert McDonald is Lead Scientist for the Global Cities program at The Nature Conservancy. He researches the impact and dependen... Read more »

Dr. Montgomery and has over 30 years’ experience in sustainable (environmental, social, health and safety, and labor aspects) risk... Read more »

Robert is an economist at the Public Debt Management Office of the National Treasury of Kenya. He is working at the World Bank as a ... Read more »

Robert P. Beschel is a Lead Public Sector Specialist in the Governance Global Practice.  He heads the Governance and Anti-corruption... Read more »
Robert Reid is a Senior Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Specialist working in GSURR’s Urban and DRM West Africa Unit (GSU19), leading... Read more »

Robert Schlotterer joined the Bank in 2005. He is currently a Lead Infrastructure Finance Specialist in the Financial Solution... Read more »

Robert Soden is a consultant to the World Bank South Asia Disaster Risk Management Team and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction... Read more »

Professor Townsend began his work as a theorist working on general equilibrium models, contract theory, and mechanism design. He is... Read more »

Professor Watson’s career has evolved from research scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory: California Institute of... Read more »

Robert Willis is a Professor of Economics at the University of Michigan and Research Professor at the Population Studies Center.

... Read more »
Robert Wrobel is a Social Development specialist with over ten years of experience in East and South Asia, including Indonesia,... Read more »
Roberta Gatti is currently the Social Protection Sector Manager and Lead Human Development Economist for the Middle East and North Africa... Read more »

Roberta Gatti is the Chief Economist of the Human Development practice group in the World Bank.

Roberta joined the Wo... Read more »

Robertas Zubrickas is a Senior Research Associate at the University of Zurich. Read more »
Roberto Echandi is the Global Investment Policy Lead of the Investment Climate Unit of the World Bank Group’s Trade & Competitiveness... Read more »

Roberto N. Fattal Jaef is an economist in the Macroeconomics and Growth team of the World Bank’s Research Departmen... Read more »

Roberto Rocha was a young professional at the IMF and transferred to the World Bank in 1985, where he has been since then. In his c... Read more »

Roberto Waack is a founding member and Chairman of the Board of Amata S.A., a Brazilian forestry company. Board member of GRI - Global... Read more »

Robin Horn is an Adviser at the World Bank's Human Development Network.  He is responsible for leading the work program charged... Read more »

Robin has worked on breakthroughs in development effectiveness for over 20 years. In his current capacity as Senior Knowledge and... Read more »
Roby Senderowitsch is program manager of the Global Partnership for Social Accountability. Previously he was country manager for the... Read more »
A Honduran national, Rocío Calidonio is a Social Development Specialist with the World Bank's Violence Prevention Team of the Social... Read more »

Rodolfo Stucchi is Head of Economics, Monitoring and Evaluation at IDB Invest. His areas of expertise include development economics,... Read more »

Rodrigo Pizarro Gariazzo is an economist from the London School of Economics & Political Science, Master of Science from the... Read more »
Senior Social Development Specialist Read more »
Roger Burks is an Online Communications Officer for the World Bank. Over the course of more than 15 years as an international development... Read more »
Roger Fillion is a freelance writer and editor based in Colorado. He has reported for Reuters, The Denver Post, and the Rocky Mountain... Read more »

Roger Gorham is a transport economist and urban development specialist with the World Bank, with over 20 years of experience in urba... Read more »

Roger Thurow joined the Chicago Council on Global Affairs as senior fellow on global food and agriculture in January 2010 after three... Read more »
Rogier van den Brink is a Lead Economist in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Department (PREM) of the East Asia and Pacific... Read more »
Rohit Mittal joined the World Bank in 2002 and is currently Senior Energy Specialist in the India office of Global Energy and Extractives... Read more »
Rokeya Ahmed is a Water and Sanitation Specialist in the Water Global Practice at the World Bank.  She has over 16 years of ... Read more »

Roku Fukui works with the World Bank Group’s Transport and ICT Global Practice. At the Bank, Roku focuses on various aspects of digi... Read more »

Roland has been working in the World Bank New Delhi office since 2010 as Governance Advisor. He was previously an Adviser to the... Read more »

Roland Michelitsch is Principal Specialist, Economics and Private Sector Development in the Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE)... Read more »

Co-author of the Fiscal Management in Resource-Rich Countries: Essentials for Economists, Public Finance Professionals, and Policy Makers... Read more »
Rolfe Eberhard is an independent professional with over 25 years of experience advising governments and development agencies on... Read more »
Roli Mahajan is the Digital Communications Officer for India, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. Read more »
Roma Keister is a researcher at the Institute for Structural Research (IBS) based in Warsaw, Poland. Her research and academic work at... Read more »
Romain Pison is a Senior Transport Specialist in the Transport and Digital Development Global Practice of the World Bank. In this role,... Read more »
Romulo Cabeza is a Consultant with the Competitive Cities team of the World Bank Group. Read more »
Ronald Mutasa is a Senior Health Specialist in the Health, Nutrition and Population Global Practice at the World Bank in Washington, DC.... Read more »
Rong Chen is an Economist with the 2019 World Development Report team. Since she joined the World Bank Group in 2012, she has primarily... Read more »
Rong Qian is the new Senior Economist for Philippines. Rong previously worked in Latin America region, where she was the country... Read more »
Roni Szwedzki is an Economics Specialist in the Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE) at the Inter-American Development Bank Group ... Read more »
Ronnie Goldberg is the Executive Vice President and Senior Policy Officer of US Council for International Business. Read more »
Ros Grady is a Senior Financial Sector Expert with the Financial inclusion Team, within the Finance and... Read more »
Rosa Lin is a consultant with the Climate Technology Program of the World Bank Group, where she writes reports and designs data... Read more »
Rosangela Bando is an economist at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Read more »
Rosanna Chan is an Economist in the World Bank Group's Transport and ICT Global Practice. Her work focuses on new strategies to ... Read more »
Rosanna Nitti is Senior Urban Specialist with the Social, Urban, Rural, and Resilience (SURR) Global Practice of the World Bank Group,... Read more »
Rose Kwena is the Head of Corporate Communications at the Retirement Benefits Authority, Kenya where she is responsible for developing,... Read more »
Rose Mungai is a World Bank's Senior Economist/Statistician working in the Africa region Poverty Reduction and Economic Management... Read more »
Rong Zheng is a Professor of Taxation, Public Finance and Health Economics at the University of International Business and Economics in... Read more »
Rosie McGee is Research and Evidence (R&E) Programme Coordinator, based at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in the UK. She... Read more »
Rosemary Rop works on pro poor reforms with regulatory agencies, utilities and non governmental organizations to extend water and... Read more »
Rosemary Vargas-Lundius: holds a Ph.D. in development economics from Lund University, Sweden and has carried out research on rural... Read more »
Rosita Roesli joined the World Bank in 1998, having completed her Master’s degree in Development Studies at Leeds University, in the UK.... Read more »
Roshini Ebenezer is consultant with the Education Global Practice of the World Bank. She has a Masters in International... Read more »
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Rosina Bierbaum is the co-director of the World Development Report 2010 on climate change. Since 2001, she has been the Dean and Pr... Read more »

Rossella Della Monica works as Disaster Risk Management Specialist at the World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster... Read more »
Roxanne Bauer is a communication analyst to the World Bank's External and Corporate Relations, Operational Communications department ... Read more »
Roy van der Weide is an Economist on the Poverty and Inequality Research team within the Development Research Group ... Read more »
Roza Vasileva is an ICT and Open Data consultant to the World Bank’s Transport and ICT Global Practice. She joined the Bank in September... Read more »

Rubaba Anwar works for the Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice of the World Bank. She joined the Bank in 2008 and worked on G... Read more »

Ruben Enikolopov is an Assistant Professor of Economics in New Economic School, Moscow, which he joined after completing his Ph.D. in... Read more »

Rubena Sukaj is a Statistical Analyst at the World Bank in Washington DC. She currently works primarily on the compilation of extern... Read more »

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Rudaba Zehra Nasir is an Operations Officer in IFC’s Gender Secretariat. Rudaba helps IFC clients and partners close gender gaps in ... Read more »

Rudasingwa Messi Therese, 27, holds a bachelor’s degree in Development Studies and a Master of Arts degree in... Read more »
Ruediger Kuehr is the Head of the United Nations University’s Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability’s (UNU-IAS) Operating... Read more »
Rui Monteiro is Senior PPP Specialist at the World Bank Group. Read more »
Zhang Ruidong is a senior rural specialist at Alibaba Group and focuses on the role of e-commerce in poverty reduction and rural... Read more »
Rukmankan Sivaloganathan holds a MBA from INSEAD. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of a start up called Trekurious, an online marketplace for... Read more »
Rumela, born and brought up in the erstwhile French Colony of Chandannagar, India is currently a student at the Presidency University in... Read more »
Ruslan Yemtsov is a lead economist and team leader for social protection at the World Bank. Prior to his current position, he worked as a... Read more »
Russell A. Mittermeier is the president of Conservation International. He is also an author, primatologist, herpetologist and... Read more »
Russel Valentine is currently an undergraduate student pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing at the... Read more »
RUSSELL  HILLBERRY is a senior economist in the Development Economics Research Group, Trade and International Integration Team. ... Read more »
Ruth Goodwin-Groen is Managing Director, Better Than Cash Alliance Read more »
Fundación Tzedaká has been developing, for 21 years, social programs and actions to improve the living conditions of citizens who live in... Read more »
Ruth Kagia is currently Senior Advisor, in the Office of the President of Kenya.  Prior to this Mrs. Kagia worked at the World Bank... Read more »
Ruth Kennedy-Walker is an Environmental Engineer (YP) working in the Environment and Natural Resources Management Global Practice at the... Read more »
Ruth Llovet Montanes is a Research Analyst at the Macroeconomics and Growth Unit of the Development Research Group. She... Read more »
Ruth Moiam works in Communications for the World Bank, based in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Prior to joining the World Bank, Ruth has... Read more »
Knowledge Management Officer Read more »
Ryan Muldoon is a Senior Research Fellow in the Philosophy, Politics and Economics program at the University of Pennsylvania. Previously,... Read more »
Ryan seeks to understand the dynamics of human prosperity and its implications for the systems and processes surrounding knowledge... Read more »
Ryna Ferlatte joined the World Bank in 2013 and heads the World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency (INT) Forensic Services Unit (FSU). She... Read more »
Ryoko Sato is a Junior Professional Officer at the World Bank (Poverty and Equity Global Practice). Her work includes evaluating the... Read more »
Ryoko Tomita is a Senior Economist in the education Global Practice at the World Bank.  She joined the World Bank in 2008. She has... Read more »