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Malaria digest

There are three reasons to be optimistic: a new, more effective drug and two vaccine prototypes - one of which made using mosquitoes' saliva glands. Stefan Kappe, the researcher, says:

We've made vaccines from pus and poop, we make them now using eggs—so why not make them in live mosquitoes?

Development Marketplace for African Dispora in Europe (D-MADE)

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This World Bank initiative will, through a competitive process, award grants and technical assistance to innovative entrepreneurial projects that are designed by Africans, to support the development of Africa.


Elegible participants to the competition can be individuals or organizations emanating from the Sub-Saharan African diaspora, currently living in Europe and active in Africa. Applicants can be entrepreneurs, private investors, NGOs, civil society organizations, foundations, etc.

Can Africa surpass Japan?

If a single African country were to incorporate the best practices that are already in place across the sub-Sahara region, it would rank eighth worldwide. This was one of the observations that business leaders made last Friday at an award ceremony for the top two African reformers – Ghana and Kenya.

Best targets for bribe-seekers

Two out of five firms in Africa and Latin America report having to make unofficial payments to "get things done." One in six is expected to present "a gift" when meeting with tax inspectors. The "Graft Index of Firm Transactions" (below) shows that African firms are three times more likely to be asked for money than their Latin American counterparts.

Reform yourself and the equity returns will follow

How did Eastern Europe overtake East Asia? In a four-minute video interview, Michael Klein, World Bank-IFC Vice President for Financial and Private Sector Development, explains why countries that didn't make it to the top of the Doing Business 2008 report don't have to despair.

By the way, did you know that Estonia and Poland have as many registered businesses per capital as Hong Kong? The same holds for Georgia and Malaysia.