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The West can’t save Africa

According to Bill Easterly in today’s Washington Post.

Economic development in Africa will depend -- as it has elsewhere and throughout the history of the modern world -- on the success of private-sector entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and African political reformers. It will not depend on the activities of patronizing, bureaucratic, unaccountable and poorly informed outsiders… Development everywhere is homegrown.

Experiments in social entrepreneurship

Wharton hopes to solve thorny development problems by recasting them as business opportunities. Ian MacMillan’s paper “Societal Wealth Creation via Experimental Entrepreneurship” reports on four pilot projects that have received seed funding. As Knowledge-@-Wharton puts it:

A year of talk followed by…?

2005 was a year of bold statements and agreements by the international development community. In this long talk, Niall FitzGerald, chairman of Reuters, hopes that we now move beyond speeches – and believes that the private sector can help:

So that's where they come from!

The man seated next to me my first time at Tomsed was composing a message by the hunt and peck method. He pressed one letter on the keyboard, searched for the next, pressed that one, and so on. It was his one-fingered technique that attracted my attention, but when my eye alighted- not entirely accidentally- on his text, I caught my breath. The man was composing a 419 letter. A real-live scam artist sitting next to me.