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Rwanda's miracle coffee beans

Visit Christian Science Monitor for a thoughtful profile of a Rwandan coffee cooperative that bridges the Hutu-Tutsi divide. Cooperatives like it are helping absorb the tens of thousands of prisoners being freed after serving time for acts of genocide, while contributing to Rwanda's 7% annual growth in GDP.

New blogger: Alex Burger

After much cajoling, Alex Burger has agreed to share with us some stories of his work in Chad and other parts of Africa. Based in Chad, he is a program manager for IFC’s Private Enterprise Partnership for Africa (PEP Africa). He and the IFC team are pioneering electronic bidding and helping Chadian entrepreneurs to gain contracts with large firms.

Tanzania: East Africa's best hope?

The Economist this week says Tanzania is an "African country that deserves the money it gets". While still very poor, Tanzania is set for 5.8% GDP growth this year and perhaps 6.7% next. A popular president, former foreign minister Jakaya Kikwete, hopes to build up the country's sparse infrastructure, expand access to drinking water, and improve agricultural productivity.

Really mobile phones

If you don't have plans for the next 2 minutes and 42 seconds, please watch this video.

Thanks to the consistently entertaining AfriGadget for pointing me to it.

Kenya wants own internet cable

The BBC reports that Kenya is planning its own internet cable, in another blow to the much hoped-for East African Submarine cable System (EASSy). The project hasn't received funding yet, but would extend from Mombasa to Fujairah in the Gulf of Oman.