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Open source software and development

Was walking down the hall upstairs and came across “Open Source Software: Perspectives for Development” by Paul Dravis. Still leafing through it, but the ‘open’ vs. ‘proprietary’ software debate is sure to play an increasing role in future development discussions. This short note includes case-studies from Brazil, Tajikistan, India, and Laos.

Donkey business

Russell Hay, a British businessman, is no stranger to asininity. While living in Namibia, he has twice driven into a donkey. On a lonely northern stretch, he swerved to avoid one, only to see it flattened by a lorry behind him.

Earlier this year, he and a friend set up Donkey Welfare of Namibia. With the Namibian government's blessing, the British outfit is planning to make donkeys glow in the dark by attaching reflective tags to their ears.

Latest on access to finance

The latest AccessFinance newsletter is out, highlighting a new WB-DFID measurement initiative, the latest research on remittances and an 'unorthodox' project in Albania and Moldova. It also includes links to the most recent research and newsletters, as well as upcoming events.

Also see the latest from the IMF on banking reforms to increase credit access in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa Diaspora Investment Week

A few weeks ago the 2005 Africa Diaspora Investment Week came to a successful conclusion. The conference brochure and presentations are now available online. Presentations discuss SME development, the role of media and information technologies, the potential of tourism and the importance of financial markets and remittance corridors.