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East Asia and Pacific

Does poverty kill?

The relationship between poverty and infant mortality is well known. But does it also hold for adults?

Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo from the MIT Poverty Action Lab studied the data from 15 countries to find out if "the poor die more in developing countries."

See also their earlier study on how the very poor spend their money.

World's largest untapped consumer segment

Bottom_billion_1_4 With a monthly income varing from $63 and $700, many of them use "branded shampoos and detergents regularly, and they sometimes indulge in a bar of chocolate or bottle of perfume.  A good number own televisions, refrigerators, and DVD players." 

One way of fighting corruption

In 2003, the Brazilian government began to randomly audit municipalities regarding their use of federal funds and made the results public. A recent study compares municipalities audited before the 2004 municipal elections with those audited after the elections.

Flashbacks at Bali

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Walking into the Bali Convention Center, you know that you have become a fixture in the world of international sustainable development when the UN security guard welcomes you with a broad smile and a "how have you been." You swore as a younger woman and an activist you would never become one of those grey haired incrementalists around the negotiating halls.