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Active consumption is a form of patriotism

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When people speak of patriotism, they tend to think of war and of deeds on the battlefield. But even in peacetime, patriotism can actually be found in every facet of life. More than simply an idea, patriotism is an action. Today, as China faces serious difficulties and challenges both domestic and international, active consumption is a form of patriotism...

Income (in)equality among the professoriate

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“Salary progression”—the difference in salary between junior and senior professors—in general appears modest compared to the situation in the professions outside academe. According to our research, for most of the 15 countries in the study, salaries seldom doubled between entry level and senior ranks.

Bank Indonesia promotes e-money efficiency

Back in November of last year, Bank Indonesia and IFC co-hosted a half-day forum focused on bringing efficiency to electronic money solutions in the country. The seminar – titled Peningkatan Efisiensi Penyelenggaraan Uang Elektronik (E-money) – was opened by Bank Indonesia Director Murniastuti and IFC Vice President Rachel Kyte.