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East Asia and Pacific

A responsible profit from malaria

Following up on Tim's Milton Friedman post:

“Business is for profit, and profit is for a purpose,” [Frandsen] says. “This makes business sustainable and profit responsible.” …The crucial thing to remember, he adds, is that profit is a key tool but not the ultimate goal. “We are business people, but this is not capitalism in its purest form. The profit is for a purpose.”

Cambodia goes organic

From the BBC:

With the future of the garment sector uncertain, Cambodia is looking for other sources of income - and one of the areas under consideration is organic farming. The government says it hopes the country could become the "green farm of Asia", and export its produce to Europe and the United States.

But there are co-ordination problems to overcome:

China vs. India, a visual essay

Deutsche Bank Research has released a short visual essay comparing the two Asian economies. Includes comparative graphs and charts on everything from FDI and the business environment to infrastructure and the labor force. (HT to New Economist)

Did the dragon crowd out the tigers?

Many worry than China’s dramatic success has diverted FDI flows away from other Asian economies. Benoît Mercereau claims that perhaps these concerns are exaggerated:

2005 World Investment Report

UNCTAD has released their 2005 World Investment Report. This year’s edition highlights that developing countries are leading the FDI recovery, as flows to developed nations continue to decline. The second part of the report is a focus on the surge in research and development internationalization by global firms and the implications of these trends for host and home countries.

Future of education in New Orleans?

The New Zealand Education Forum has released the latest issue of their SubText newsletter. Among other things, this issue includes a summary of James Tooley on how private education can serve the world’s poor, Caroline Hoxby on the effectiveness of charter schools, and the (possibly positive?) future of schooling in New Orleans.

Using Doing Business to pick stocks

Forbes have been using 'Doing Business' as a stock-picking guide:

We singled out the five countries, excluding the U.S., that scored above average in all the "Doing Business" criteria. Then we mined our databases for ten reasonably valued, U.S.-listed stocks issued by companies hailing from those countries.

Updated Asian development outlook

The Asian Development Bank has released an updated version of their 2005 Asian Development Outlook - originally released last April. This new version projects regional GDP to grow by 6.6% this year, slightly up from their original 6.5% prognostication. The highlight is an entire new section dedicated to the challenge of higher oil prices in a region of both energy guzzlers and net exporters.