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East Asia and Pacific

Something good for the coffee table

What has an article by Jeffrey Sachs, cars that run on vegetable oil, and a fair trade coffee taste test? GOOD, a new magazine that proclaims "the world of good, not just for do-gooders anymore". Buy a one-year subscription ($20) and they'll donate your $20 to your favorite of a dozen charities. Really.

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Private sector public goods

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This year's Program of Seminars at the IMF/WB Annual Meetings are built around the theme of "Asia in the World, the World in Asia" and many of the sessions have looked at the consequence of Asia being home to the most populous nations, a large majority of whose people still live in rural settings. This was certainly picked up as the focus of the session “Business Reaching the Poor”. C. K.

To echo a point: China and Wal-Mart

So when I talk about Wal-Mart signaling the market, just how big is the signal? 10% of China's exports, according to Peking University professor Dr Lu Zhi. He's written a thought-piece as part of the current online debate on the future of sustainability, hosted by the World Conservation Union (IUCN).

Business takes on the poverty penalty

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Sunday morning in Singapore, C. K. Prahalad spoke at the IMF/World Bank Program of Seminars session focused on "Raising the Stakes: New Frontiers for the Private Sector in Development". Prahalad called for consumption-led, not investment-led, development, with business providing greater choices to the poor and helping reduce the “poverty penalty” where the poor pay more for the same goods than the wealthy.

Doctor, doctor, can't you see I'm burning, burning?

I remember one of my biology professors telling me that most things in life were cyclical - be it fashion, music, political ideology or ecosystem dynamics. When a colleague recently (and rather cruelly) reminded me of the Thompson Twins and the song which entitles this post, one can only hope that much of the 1980s musical back-catalogue is not subject to that particular rule.

Just say no to corruption

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Likening corruption in some ways to an addictive drug, Paul Volcker urged those in situations where there is pressure to engage in bribery and corruption to “Just say no” – a message that must come from the very top leaders in all sectors.

Economists debate financial sector in India and China

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The IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings Program of Seminars here in Singapore kicked off Saturday morning with "Opening and Reforming the Financial Sectors in China and India" - a provocative session packed with economic heavy hitters.

Reforming collateral laws

As the protesters among you certainly know, the IMF-World Bank Group annual meetings are underway in Singapore. Tomorrow, look for the release of the World Development Report: Development and the Next Generation.

Really mobile phones

If you don't have plans for the next 2 minutes and 42 seconds, please watch this video.

Thanks to the consistently entertaining AfriGadget for pointing me to it.