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Collecting debts in India

The BBC reports from Orissa:

A bank in India has decided to publicly shame defaulters in order to recover outstanding loans. Employees of the Urban Co-operative Bank in the eastern state of Orissa have begun staging noisy demonstrations outside the home of defaulters. Armed with posters, they kicked off the loan recovery drive outside the homes of two defaulters last week.

Better an incompetent for-profit doctor than a competent government-funded one

The caped crusader, Adamsmithee, points us to an incredible and rather sad piece of research from our World Bank colleagues Jishnu Das and Jeffrey Hammer. Looking at doctors in Delhi, they conclude:

Got questions on China?

Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz will be answering questions on China's economy and future growth prospects this coming Tuesday, 3PM London time. Questions can be submitted in advance and answers will be posted here.