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East Asia and Pacific

Dams and development

The World Bank's lead dam specialist Alessandro Palmieri believes that the Bumbuna hydropower project, in post-conflict Sierra Leone, exemplifies the right way to implement stakeholder involvement in hydropower projects.

Aceh Diary: Handing over the torch

Having returned to Washington DC in time for summer – lots of sun, heat, and humidity – the weather feels like I never left Aceh. I still sometimes find myself amazed and almost giddy from enjoyment of the bacteria-free hot water for showers and baths, a stable supply of electricity, the absence of dengue/malarial mosquitoes and regularly recurring stomach ailments.

The company of the future

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What will tomorrow’s corporate giants look like? The rapid rise of world-beating firms from emerging economies ranging from hi-tech to extractives sectors, is already prompting changes in corporate strategy to stay ahead of the game. Now, a UK-based think tank, Tomorrow’s Company, has teamed with leading firms to launch an inquiry addressing core questions on the future role of business in society.

Scenarios: disaster response and the media

Strong Angel III (SA III) is a disaster response event/project/conference going on this week in San Diego. Blogging from the event is Sanjana Hattotuwa from ICT for Peacebuilding.

PSD Blog co-founder is a TV star!

He was too modest to tell you himself, but this blog's co-founder may well be the next economist crossover star. Tim Harford, everyone's favorite Undercover Economist, is in the midst of a 4-week special on the BBC2. "Trust Me I'm an Economist" applies the lessons of economics to everyday problems with love, work and more.

Links for World Water Week

In honor of World Water Week in Stockholm, check out this brand-new report from the International Water Management Institute on the relationship between water scarcity, agricultural production methods and global trade patterns. The comprehensive assessment of water management in agriculture gives the following optimistic assessment (and then immediately recognizes the political impossibilities):

Environmental issues - environmental answers?

As IUCN kicks off its month long on-line debate on the future of sustainability with a 'pretty depressing litany of woes' penned by its Chief Scientist, where to turn for salvation? Why to nature, of course (albeit with some interference from the planet's dominant species).

10 lessons on business-NGO partnerships

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Interesting piece by Peter Asmus in Ethical Corporation. 10 years on, he looks back to an early example of “stakeholder engagement” when Mitsubishi executives sat down with the environmentalist Rainforest Action Network, who were threatening a boycott. In NGO engagement and partnerships – Ten lessons for corporations Asmus talks to the players and draws out a set of lessons for corporations with the benefit of a decade's perspective.