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East Asia and Pacific

Google as development agency

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Google just released its own browser, Chrome, to compete with Internet Explorer. Daniel Altman on the International Herald Tribune blog argues that it may just turn out to be the developing world's browser. Now, Google has just announced it is supporting the development of a system of satellites to provide internet access to regions without fast fiber networks.

Supply and demand of property rights

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Famed Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto has argued forcefully for the protection of property rights as a key ingredient in economic development. His book The Mystery of Capital became a big hit with its argument that the poor had plenty of capital but that the lack of property rights meant it was unusable.

Democracy and growth

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Although it's not a new paper, I thought it would be good right about now to dig up a little bit of wisdom from Dani Rodrik and Romain Wacziarg called Do Democratic Transitions Produce Bad Economic Outcomes? The short answer is no. But I'll let them speak for themselves:

Creating creative capitalism

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The debate continues over at Creative Capitalism, the blog/book-to-be spurred by Bill Gates's speech at Davos. Meanwhile, Gates gives a hint at just how to create Creative Capitalism - get universities involved. At a forum in Hong Kong, Gates argued that universities need to team up with industry to drive innovation.

A great time to gamble?

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If betting on stocks is looking too risky to you these days, perhaps it's time to look for other ways to gamble your money. The Wall Street Journal reports that casino operators in Macau have taken a hit after stories circulated that mainlaind Chinese may face new restrictions on visiting. On the other side of the world, Las Vegas has also been suffering, according to the Economist.