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IMF's de Rato taps John Lipsky

IMF managing director Rodrigo de Rato has proposed that John Lipsky, currently Vice-Chairman of JPMorgan, be appointed as the IMF's first deputy managing director. He would be succeeding Anne Krueger, who retires in August.

de Rato also announced a high-level committee to think about the IMF's financial model and its long-term sustainability. Greenspan and El-Erian are just some of the names on board.

The impact of climate change on the poor

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Poor countries and poor communities world-wide will have a disproportionately difficult time preparing and adapting to climatic change given that most of them are already vulnerable to climatic extremes and other natural hazards.

People tend to think of severe weather (floods, droughts, violent storms, or frosts) when they hear about climate change impacts but the implications of these phenomena are only beginning to be appreciated and understood. Although it may seem almost counterintuitive, but slow, persistent, small changes matter just as much to a poor farmer:

Green innovation award launched

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers said Thursday that it will establish a $100,000 annual prize to promote technology or policy innovation in green technology. "This award will encourage innovation in sustainable, green growth," said KPCB partner Brook Byers.

Formalization, growth and poverty

The informal sector plays a significant role in developing countries viz. the provision of employment, income and supplying ignored markets. However, working and employment conditions within the sector are still poor. Its expansion and changing structures have thus drawn the attention of scholars and international policy makers to the factors hindering its formalisation. Among the factors addressed are the high costs of formalisation and the lack of incentives for operating in the formal sector.