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South Asia

Message from the Prezident

CSR in the music industry has a new ambassador, El Prezidente himself.  Puerto Rican Hip Hop/Ragaetton artist Johnny Prez has made a life-saving decision and wants his fans to do the same... to donate life.

Subsidizing inefficiency

...a large part of that [Indian fiscal] deficit goes to financing the losses of the electric companies. Two and a half percent of GNP goes into power subsidies [emphasis added]; only half the electricity that's generated actually gets paid for. Some of the other half goes in unfortunate (we economists think) programs to give free power to the farmers. Unfortunately, the farmers who qualify for free power are the ones who are rich enough to be able to afford power in the first place. But having gotten free power, they let their neighbors tap into it.

Checking up on Grameen II

At the World Bank-Brooking’s Global Conference on Access to Finance, one of the sessions examined the links between access to finance and poverty reduction. Stuart Rutherford of SafeSave gave an encouraging presentation on the results, at least in Bangladesh, of Grameen Bank’s radical product redesign in 2001.

Who will be the next UN secretary general?

It happened - there is now a ‘Who Will be the Next UN Secretary General' blog. No doubt trying to replicate the attention received last year.

Update: there is another one, Chapter 15. And Foreign Policy is the odd-makers on the race for the United Nations.

Asia's Winds of Change

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The June issue of IMF's Finance and Development magazine is out. Focus is on Asia.


In Asia's Winds of Change, David Burton, Wanda Tseng, and Kenneth Kang analyze Asia's growth over the last 50 years, the crisis in the late 1990s and the new challenges of globalization.


This is their take on Growth and Poverty in Asia.