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South Asia

Aid works! No it doesn't!

In a debate on the BBC News website, Frederik Erixon explains:

The new 'big push' of development aid has been tried many times before but always with dismal results. The call for redoubling aid to eradicate poverty has been responded to many times over, but it has never delivered what it promised.

Jeff Sachs retorts:

Failure is acceptable

The Shell Foundation has recently published 'Aid industry reform and the role of enterprise'. (Disclosure: I once worked for Shell.) The report - really an extended op-ed - offers an interesting contrast between what an entrepreneur has to do to get a loan, and what the aid industry needs to do.

There's now a pretty strong consensus that official development assistance not only failed to boost economic growth in poor countries, but on the whole appears to have reduced it.

Forum on the future of aid

ODI has launched a virtual Forum on the Future of Aid (FFA).

…dedicated to research and opinions about how the international aid system currently works and where it should go next. The Forum is a discussion network, with expert research, briefing and consulting support, dedicated to the international aid system - the so-called 'aid architecture' - and how it evolves over time.