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South Asia

Live online discussion on Niger

The Washington Post will be hosting today at 2 PM EST a live online discussion on the continuing food crisis in Niger. Submit your questions and comments in advance. Washington Post foreign correspondent Craig Timberg will be answering your questions.

Free lunches leave a bad taste

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports (with great pictures):

Chaos erupted this morning at the Richmond International Raceway as thousands of people stampeded through the gates in a rush to buy used iBook laptop computers for $50 each.

Competitiveness partnerships

Governments that listen to the private sector are more likely to design credible and workable reforms, while entrepreneurs who understand what their government is trying to achieve with a program of reforms are more likely to accept and support them.

Fighting corruption: Russian bribes

The New York Times reports that corruption has become commonplace in Russia:

Bribes [are] an unavoidable cost of doing business in Russia today. ‘If you want to be competitive you have to play the game,’ he said… ‘It used to be called bribery,’ he added. ‘Now it is just called business.’

And the trend appears to be on the rise: