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South Asia

Online chat with Jared Diamond

Jared Diamond will be taking questions today at 3PM at He is promoting the new mini-series adaptation of his award-wining book "Guns, Germs and Steel." You can submit your questions in advance, or catch the series on PBS.

Capitalizing on externalities

The Telegraph of London calls him “the plutocrat of poo.” More to the point, Al Tank is the CEO of AgCert – an ingenious startup which capitalizes on agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol to turn effluent into cash.

Fighting corruption (and swearing): a series

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko is to disband the country's traffic police because it has proved impossible to stamp out corruption. He has ordered a decree to be drawn up abolishing the department, which employs 23,000 people.

Read the full story at the BBC website. This is the 'big bang' approach to corruption. President Yuschenko is also trying to eliminate swearing:

A bottom up approach to aid reform

Paolo de Renzio and Andrew Rogerson of the Overseas Development Institute argue in Power to Consumers? A bottom up approach to aid reform that for all the fuss about harmonizing aid efforts, competition can be helpful and is a more productive way out of chaos and fragmentation. They propose, for example, that before any donor agency can receive funds from the proposed International Financing Facility, they must be sufficiently highly rated by recipient countries.

Conclusions from the G8

The 2005 G8 summit in Gleneagles has come to an end. Despite where you stand on what was (or was not) accomplished, here is what they say about private sector development in the summit’s final statements: