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Who is climate change? – Educating the decision makers of tomorrow

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Si bien América Latina y el Caribe es rica en agua, el acceso a un suministro confiable y seguro sigue siendo elusivo en la mayoría de los países de la región.

#7 from 2013: A New Kind of Female Superhero: Burka Avenger

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Our Top Ten Blog Posts by readership in 2013
This post was originally published on August 29, 2013

Have you heard of a new superheroine called “Burka Avenger”?  Burka Avenger is a new animated series for kids in Pakistan. Burka Avenger fights corrupt politicians and Taliban-look-a-like thugs who try to shut down a girl’s school in a village. She is fully trained in martial arts and uses pens and books to fight the bad guys. During the day, her alter-ego Jiya is a teacher at an all-girls school. All in all, she represents a female vanguard of girl’s education. So why would there be any criticisms coming from certain feminists circles in Pakistan?  Her burka.
To hide her identity, she wears a flowing black burka to fight the bad guys. Those who have issues with it say Burka is a sign of oppression and cannot be used to empower women. Some also say that it sends a wrong message by implying a woman can only be successful if she is invisible.

Jamaica + Animation: A match made in heaven

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Roma child, Romania. Photo by Jutta Benzenberg

Сегодня, через восемь лет после начала глобального экономического кризиса, почти четверть населения Европейского союза по-прежнему находится под угрозой бедности и социальной изоляции. Но одна группа особо выделяется на этом фоне: речь идет о растущем цыганском населении, не интегрированном в общество.

Why we need a price on carbon: the movie

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