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Corporate responsibility

Legislating for doing good

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While the financial and economic crisis has prompted much soul searching on the appropriate government and business boundaries and the right balance of regulation, it will be interesting to see how this filters down to emerging markets such as India and China -even at the local level there are now efforts to legislate for corporate responsibility.

Necessity or luxury?

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The debate on the fate of corporate responsibility initiatives in the economic slowdown is already underway in a range of general business and specialist publications. It is falling into predictable lines. Friedmanites brand CSR as a dangerous distraction and an unaffordable luxury in these parsimonious times. Advocates suggest that is was precisely a failure to meet core responsibilities that helped create the current crisis, and so rebuilding public trust through responsible approaches is all the more important.

Four million mobile phones can't be wrong

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If you've got some free time this afternoon, I highly recommend checking out an event being put on by CGAP on Mobile Banking for Poor People: Pioneer Perspectives. The discussion will take place between 2pm-5pm eastern standard time and will feature a star-studded panel, including Nick Hughes of Vodaphone and Brian Richardson of Wizzit.

Real Simple Reporting, continued: Can web 2.0 help companies report on their performance?

I recently ventured that "real simple reporting" could be the killer app for development 2.0. At that time, I had project reporting to donors in mind. But what about corporate social responsibility and sustainability reporting: Is there a role for web 2.0 there?

Gender and Business Performance: Compliance vs. Voluntary Reporting?

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On Tuesday, Calvert mutual funds released a report entitled “Examining the Cracks in the Ceiling: A Survey of Corporate Diversity Practices in the Calvert Social Index." It spells out the business case for gender diversity and family-friendly benefits. Surveys included in the report indicate that:

Mohammed Yunus and Michael Chu debate commercialization

The World Microfinance Forum in Geneva just put on a conference, and I might say, a quite successful one: over 300 investors and others paid their money to attend, and the presentations were well received. I was asked to moderate a debate between Prof. Yunus and Michael Chu.

Markets vs. climate change

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Last year, HSBC launched its climate change index to much fanfare. ClimateBiz reports that companies producing goods and services geared towards dealing with climate change produced some $300 billion in annual revenues.* (Hat tip: Giulio Quaggiotto).