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Corporate responsibility

Less is more Madonna?

For reasons unknown, the Material Girl's 'Material World' has been swirling round my head. I believe this is called an 'earworm' and sadly, there is no known cure: I just have to wait for the next song to take its place.

While the song is anchored in 1980s excess (impress/depress yourself... in which year did the song come out?), it may be due for recycling. A Millennium version of 'Material World' might carry the opposite connotation - less is more.

On the web, necessity breeds invention

So, what are the smartest non-profits online? The answer is in an interactive list put together by NetSquared, Squidoo and GetActive. Non-profits are ranked based on their ability to integrate web 2.0 technologies in their business model. Quite why the list stops at 59 is beyond me.

New blogger: Giulio Quaggiotto

In rapid succession, I'd like to introduce a second Italian blogger. Giulio Quaggiotto has long been supporting PSD Blog behind the scenes, and I'm glad we've finally convinced him to take his ideas public. Giulio is a program officer in Knowledge and Innovation for IFC's Environment and Social Development Department.