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Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The private sector vs. poverty

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The World Bank released the results of a global poll today about international development and the role that the World Bank should play in the world. Poverty was the top concern. I find it curious - but perhaps telling - to see how respondents thought that poverty could most effectively be addressed:

Stand to the right

Newcomers to Washington DC rapidly learn that to stand on the left-hand side of the metro escalator at rush-hour is to risk being run down by an impatient, backpack-wielding local. At an event today in Bishkek to celebrate the Krygyz Republic's appearance at #3 on the Doing Business 2009 list of top reformers, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Mr Akylbek Japarov, compared reform to an escalator ride where you can choose to ride or to climb. Kyrgyz reformers want to climb. Less active reformers may want to stand to the right.

The will to reform

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What does it take to be a top ten Doing Business reformer? I just ran across a survey from World Public that might shed a little light on this question. The populations of both Azerbaijan and Egypt appear to be quite pro-globalization (or at least not very negative about the phenomenon):

Doing Business in Belarus

It's Tuesday, so this must be Minsk. The Doing Business 2009 roadshow is here because, while last year it took 231 days to transfer property in Minsk, this year it takes just 21 - as a result of comprehensive reforms including a one-stop shop for property registration, simplified procedures and computerization of records.

New Blogger: CGAP Team

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While Wall Street may be in chaos, the world of finance is not all centered on New York. Around the world, microfinance has been growing by leaps and bounds, aided by innovations in technology and new varieties of microfinance institutions. That's why I'm pleased to introduce the CGAP Team as a guest contributor on the PSD blog.

Doing Business in Azerbaijan

Doing Business 2009 launched last Wednesday. So Friday found us in Baku to celebrate Azerbaijan's place as DB09's top reformer. We determine top reformers by looking at countries that have reformed in at least 3 of the areas of business regulation measured by the DB project, and then looking at who jumped most in the overall rankings.