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Seeking sustainable development in a climate changed world

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The weekend in Copenhagen was characterized by a plunging thermometer outside - forcing demonstrators to wrap up ever warmer on the streets of the city. Inside the Bella Center, a whole new set of people have arrived, just as negotiations enter into in a fragile state. The second week is VIP week, and so we add around 200 limousines to the general melee.

But there is good news: huddled in various hotels and echoing "offices" in the delegation portakabins, national actions are being readied irrespective in some ways of the agreement reached.

What is the best way to fail?

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So now the drama really starts ratcheting up inside and out of the

Bella Center in Copenhagen. Outside in the kind of biting cold that

reminds you of standing (before stadium seating) in a fourth division

football match on a Saturday afternoon as a kid, thousands of people

are massing to march on the center - they say 50,000 and on the TV

screen it looks like it could be.

Inside, the entrenched positions see no sign of budging yet and the

negotiations are poised for the second week, normally characterized by

Where does big business fit into Copenhagen 15?

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A strange day in Copenhagen today. More and more people arriving and the building and the incredibly generous and helpful Danes straining to cope. The Bella Center beginning to look like a scene from a science fiction movie where the whole of humanity takes off from earth into some kind of space vehicle. The rumor, counter rumor, the side shows, the side events, the spontaneous demonstrations in the corridors, the more planned but no less emotional demonstrations by delegations in the plenary and working groups: is there life outside?

Friday musings: How to Spend It edition

Like many of my World Bank colleagues, I begin each day by quickly flipping through the pages of the Financial Times. Many of the ideas I come up with for the blog can be traced back to events and ideas I come across in the FT. However, there is one section that consistently fails to inspire my work, until now...